Moment Usage


It just feels so right. I would like to sing with my body, a beautiful melody I would sing for this moment. I should not be mistaken for that girl with stars in her eyes because I’ve been a witness to the death of many, but right now it just feels so right. That’s the beauty of a dance floor, the possibilities you can actually see beaded on my skin, staining the groves of my back, underarms, to my upper lip as I let this mood sway me because it just feels so right. I’ve gotten used to having my way since solitude had chosen to adopt me, so none of that sadness or loneliness diminishes this moment and I’d have it no other way with; me, myself and I in dim lights as we two step, bop and drop, wont ever give it up for anyone but me. I am a magnet attracted to itself, my eyes don’t wander not because there aren’t any fine specimen to delight in but rather they are too heavy lidded to bother being lifted because the harmony is so heightened and it just feels so right.

Till he chose to stand before me

His presence wasn’t startling enough to confuse my beat so I step back only to have him answer with a step that I re-answer with a back step and he re-affirms with a forward step that leads my brow to a deadly arch only to become disarmed with his amused grin. There is no self gloating in the way he handles my stiff back, or sympathy for my non-existent experience of dancing with a man. just simply the reaction of him whispering to my ear ‘relax’. I’ve met my match that has these stars aligned for this moment, and his rhythm was made to excite me. I realize he is of now that soul that can please me, that warmth that feeds me into my lust and so intoxicates my reservations, qualms that I’ve built over skyline high that now lies as dust at our dancing feet.  What words can befit a bouquet of just how much I am at peace, right now, this moment. I sincerely hope that sincerity will be kind to me as I try to explain; it is a blush that spreads from my roots to my cuticles as that first full body to body, at how one second I am me and he is he, only now I groove to his heartbeat. Should I lower my lashes or stare straight on at my pleased companion, rather I make a home of his neck as I rest my cheek to it to let my nose draw his scent, and my conscience asks;

what of the tomorrows, what of the catch in your breath when you know there is no faith in this, what of the enchantment that will fade with the last notes of this closing dance? And I reply, our bodies are not meant to outlast eternity only it lives on for the seconds and scattered moments that come in a handful, and I’ve found a fragment now in the way he strokes my right side as he taps the beat to my left hip, rough texture of his stubble scratching my cheek as my still breath collides with his and he reminds me to breath for this moment, he feels right to me. This moment, I feel right.