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UPDATE:  an official statement from Nafeer

Daily Media Report – August 17, 2013

Wide-scale popular efforts have continued with wide participation to assist the victims of the rains and floods that affected several parts of the country during the month of August.

The crisis brought to the forefront the true nature of the Sudanese people and their creative energies. It revealed their true values and customs, and renewed confidence in the Sudanese youth.

In Khartoum State, The Nafeer campaign started on August 2 as a popular effort to mitigate the disastrous effects of the heavy rains and flooding, and has continued successfully thanks to the high morale and courage of its volunteers.

Daily reports and appeals received by Nafeer from affected areas and populations on August 15 and 16 were 69 and 42, respectively. Most of these reports were from Sharg Elnil in Omdurman.

According to Nafeer field reports, field teams covered several affected areas of Khartoum State on Thursday and Friday (August 15-16). Assistance was delivered to the following locations:

– Alsalama
– Albataheen
– Alsamra
– Hawa Adam
– Eid Babiker
– Soba East
– Soba West
– Dardig Albaida
– Aldoroshab
– Elfaki Hashim
– Hajja
– Alkalakla Algubba
– Alulojab
– Alma’moura
– Karari
– Alkashafa
– Sharg Elnil
– Hawadith street (emergency section of Khartoum Hospital)

Nafeer was able to assist these areas thanks to donations it received from all sectors of society, and to the selfless efforts of the volunteers whose numbers have reached 6,246 as of August 17.

As previously mentioned, Nafeer and its philosophy are grounded in Sudanese traditions and values. It would not have succeeded and flourished had it not turned into a popular campaign, mandated and protected by the Constitution. Article 23 of the Constitution states that it is the duty of every citizen to defend the country, participate actively in its development, and to protect the environment. Article 75 of the Criminal Law stipulates that rendering assistance is a legal obligation and failing to do so is considered a criminal offence. In addition, Article 8 of the Civil Defence Law states that it is the duty of the State (represented by the Civil Defence) to encourage ‘nafeers’ (voluntary popular participation).

In this respect, we are convinced that the scale of the damage caused by rains and floods makes it imperative on everybody to shoulder their social and legal obligations in assisting the affected population, and to abstain from other distractions. Nafeer is committed to act accordingly.

We therefore express our gratitude to all those who established similar campaigns in various parts of the country; and we pledge our full support and put our experience at their disposal.

Nafeer would like to confirm, once again, that it only accepts donations at its HQ at Jisr Center in Khartoum, Bahri (Sha’b Club) and Omdurman (Hashmab Club), as well as through its designated representatives abroad, whose information can be found on the official Facebook pages.

Nafeer has no other representatives to receive donations besides outside these channels.

You can contact Nafeer on these numbers:

Or by e-mail: nafeersud@gmail.com

URGENT UPDATE: Thunderstorms & heavy rainfall have started, latest update from Nafeer English;

“This just in: rainfall in Kosti estimated at 60mm (measurement will be made at 9pm) compared to 45mm estimated at Sharg Elnil.

We urge all residents of those areas to convey information on any damages sustained and their extent by calling Nafeer at the following numbers:


13 people have died while trying to make their way out of Nawari, where they have been trapped since August 2nd due to the heavy rains and floods. Nawari and other areas that lie north of Khartoum are also trapped by the water; in Dardog, Sirbayoog, and Almadrasa all roads are impassable.

The number of residents trapped in Nawari alone reaches around 500 people; it is still unknown how many are trapped in the other areas.

All of those affected suffer from a lack of food and potable water.”

UPDATE: To see the extent of the devastation caused by the floods, click here to view photos from ‘Humans of Khartoum

UPDATE: The Nafeer Initiative has created a FB page in English which you can visit here;

“Welcome to the official English page of the Nafeer Initiative.

Nafeer is a volunteer group of young people working together to aid families that have been affected by the heavy rains and flash floods in various areas of Khartoum State.

This page aims to share the Initiative’s activities, updates and reports, as well as act as a call for volunteers, donations, etc.

You can also follow our Twitter account, @NafeerCampaign, which also broadcasts by-the-minute updates, in both English and Arabic.”

UPDATE: Another volunteer opportunity with the group ‘To Sudan With Love‘;

“Last night, 250 Eid hampers were packaged and are ready for distribution. Today, we are meeting at the Scouts Club at 2.30pm sharp to head out to the distribution point – please come and give us a hand. If you’re coming, please let us know on 0912664106. We are in need of man-power and cars. Hope to see you later.”

UPDATE: Follow Nafeer نفيـــــــر on Twitter here.

UPDATE: An opportunity to volunteer with the Sudanese charity group To Sudan with Love (click here for their FB page which is up to date) (Click Here & here to read about their past projects);

“It’s a very difficult time for some at the moment with the devastating effects of the floods in Sudan. TSWL will assist in handing out food hampers to those affected by floods. Please lend us a hand or two tomorrow, Tuesday, at 9pm at the Sea Scouts Club to help us with the packaging of the hampers. Your help will be much appreciated”

UPDATE: More contacts to help donate to or volunteer with Nafeer نفيـــــــر

To help the Nafeer Campaign , here are the numbers to contact in the following countries:
Saudi Arabia 0590321770

UAE 0551408389 أو 0508068086 أو 0504782744

Qatar 055219429

UK 07796254460- 07897004521- 07412156560 – 07788987813

USA 415-568-1401

In Sudan, Transfer Credit to 0918660866
or come to Gisr center in Amaraat street 37, behind the Attibaa (Doctors) hospital

UPDATE: An account from fellow Sudanese blogger Reem G. on the floods & the ongoing destruction. Click here to read the full post.

“Every year the rain fills ditches and wadis and the Nile flows over, and a lot of people who insist on building their homes in flood prone areas suffer some form of damage or another. Every year, a bunch of people’s houses fall down, sometimes claiming a couple of lives or more, more often not. But this year is different. This year, entire localities drowned under floods raging their way towards the Nile. People trying to escape the water were surprised on the way by water travelling by a different road, and were swept away. Families evacuating their relatives from nearby villages were caught in the middle. Stray wires and fallen down cables electrocuted entire blocks. The number I heard on the news less than an hour ago was 2,450 homes complete destroyed, 3,500+ partially. Nothing about casualties, but people are talking about around 400 from Ombada to Sharh El-neel.”

UPDATE: Another way of submitting donations to help flood victims through Moe Ibrahim (click here)

“While the majority of the people of Sudan endure harsh living conditions, and while they endured long hours of fasting for the duration of the month of Ramadan, the heavy rain and flooding that recently caused wide spread devastation to an already barely inhabitable mud houses and huts.

We are trying to provide temporary shelters, tents , potable water to the people affected.

My Name is Mohamed Ibrahim, I’m Sudanese lives & works in Calgary , AB.

This is my Phone number if you want to discuss the relief your donation will provide +1 (587) 287 7096 .

Please understand that I will do all that I can for your donations to reach the deserving victims. Transcending ethnicity, location within Sudan or any affiliations or religion. There are many organizations and groups in Sudan with well documented effort (I can dare to say covered live in the social media) who will see to it that this money will help the victims most in need, and not those who just want more. I have zero faith in any government or political party who sat on their hands as this disaster repeated itself year after year.

At the end of the campaign and when the money has been transferred I will post detailed statement of accounts.

Thank you for your Generosity.

Mohamed Ibrahim

PS: if you can read Arabic there is a face book page where people in Sudan and abroad coordinate their efforts. and provide images , phone numbers and information of people needing help & those providing it.

الامطار الغزيرة الصبت في السودان في الايام الفاتت ادت لانهيار منازل و بيوت كتير من اهلنا في مناطق…


A crowd sourced map is up with the updates and hot spots (in Arabic)

Please note that Fundrazr and Paypal charge small fees that will be deducted from the amount collected, You might be billed a small percentage extra due to the exchange rate (exchange into Canadian Dollars). I will pay for the final transfer fees to Sudan.”

UPDATE:  A running segment on the floods from Aljazeera English, watch here.


Given that the Government of Sudan has yet to respond to the ongoing catastrophe of recent flash floods in parts of Khartoum, there is a group that is caring.


… meaning to achieve something collectively.

And when there is no help in sight, especially from those whose job is to give relief to those in need, this youth group stepped in, and although seemingly miniscule, is providing a valuable account of the damage.

Click here to see up to date photos of the extent of the damage.

Read on for more information on exactly what is happening and what you, whether Sudanese or not, in or out of Sudan can do to help:

Nafeer is a volunteer group of young people who got together to offer a helping hand to those affected by the flood. Nafeer is non political, non religious and has no affiliation with any group.

To donate:
a)    transfer credit to Zain number: 0918660866
b)    or call: 0912974410
To volunteer: call 0994579964
To report damage: call 0998738652 or 0123123589
For other information: nafeer.campaign@gmail.com ; http://www.facebook.com/gabaileid

To donate from the US:
Wells Fargo Bank – acct # 1942413376
Routing number – 091000019

Or contact Luai E. 415-568-1401

On August 1st and 2nd heavy rainfall in Khartoum state caused flash floods in various areas of Sharg Elneel, Karari, Umbadda and Khartoum North localities.

At least 823 houses were completely destroyed by rain; the remaining 631 homes suffered partial collapse (i.e. houses did not fall apart entirely).

All affected areas are in urgent need for water and food. Since the rain people have been surviving on unsafe tank water whose price has more than doubled. Markets in affected areas have also been flooded and food prices (if available) have soared. Since many families have lost their kitchens and cooking sets, canned foods, powdered milk, infant formula and ready-made food are the best options for distribution. Families whose houses have been completely damaged in Fath relocated from lower grounds to higher grounds. However, they’re completely exposed and are in urgent need for tents to shelter. Some families in Marabee moved to live in nearby schools as their homes are inaccessible. Others whose homes that have been partially damaged and continue to live there are also in need of tents. Most affected people are in need of sleeping mats, blankets and even clothes as they have lost all their belongings in the flash floods. Electricity has also been cut off some areas and people are in need of flash lights.

Some areas require complete evacuation and relocation for affected families.

Localities identified:    Sharg Elneel, Karari, Umbadda and Khartoum North localities

Areas affected:    Marabee Ashareef, Soba Sharig, Umashosh and Umdawanban in Sharg Elneel, Alfateh 1, Alfateh 2 (blocks 10, 11, 15and 41), Alfateh 3 and Alfateh 4 in Karari, Dar Elsalam block 3, Alamriya blocks 28 and 29 in Umbada and Aldorooshab in Khartoum North.

Number of houses affected:    1,454*
Number of people affected:    12,800*
Completely damaged houses:    823*
Partially damaged houses :    632*

Needs list as per Day 1 data-collection: Water, Ready-made/ canned food, , tents, mosquito nets, blankets, sleeping mats, clothes, jerry cans, cooking sets and flash lights or rechargeable LED batteries:

* Figures cited are estimates and only indicative of areas reached by Nafeer. Actual figures are expected to be higher.