This Charming Man & This Charming Lady {Text}

This Charming man
Knows how to treat a girl,
forget the bumbling fools, the awkward, awkwardly wearing either too tight or too loose a buttoned down collared shirt, cant even look a girl straight in the eye before his whole face is enflamed in a blush,
this charming man isn’t afraid to say
‘you’re beautiful’
in the way that he always has that steady hand on the small of your back or
‘you’re mine’
in the sure, and unabashed way he can just as easily grab your hand, interlace his fingers in yours and simply take a walk

With this charming man
This charming…
Charming man
Whose a storyteller, a magician with the way he can paint the air with words, as he fills your mind with all the possibilities that only you two can accomplish, planning your future with an easy flourish as all your dreams twist and change & mutate into him, into this charming man

Who can speak
Can woo
Can dress
Can caress
Because theres a finesse in all he does, and in all he says

This Charming Man

His ever wavering gaze catches a glint that has him chase, stalk, seduce, till its encased then crystalized then another shiny glint has caught his eye because this charming man is never satisfied…
he is forever in search of
The perfect combination of a wife who is somewhat of a
free spirit,
fast talking,
full of imagination,
but not too much of lofty aspirations,
able to recite and debate all lifes philosophies
but not too talkative or assertive,
independently dependent on whichever way his pendulum of a mood swings,
a sexy sexting naughty minx
demure and preferably a hijabee
who is an exact third-rate replica of his very own mommy….

Because lets face it, in this whatsapping age of whoredom, tight jeans, bursting seams, leaving little to the imagination has left this charming man with a conundrum

And so he trusts his assumptions
He believes in the facade because what is hidden frankly frightens him,
checking the boxes off his check list that he,
his mommy,
his friend that just got married,
his ex,
his true love,
his distant cousin,
his local sheikh,
his whole shula thinks will fit him,
and so this cookie cutter, trophy wife sits before him,
after the 3iris and shahr al 3asal
The two alone
With a silence that has the potential to be a goldmine of infinite somethings
and this charming man
This charming man
Too late
That he’d committed himself to his biggest mistake

To this

Charming lady

This charming lady
Knows how to treat a man
With a sirens smile that would leave you in a tether within exactly four minutes and thirty seconds she’d have you signed, sealed, delivered and hers…
for however long she fancies,
you begging
she stalling
treating you worse than a dog
and you
you sighing and loving every second of it
You getting flustered at the click clack of her heels & the
‘sends goosebumps down your flesh’
heady scent that always teases your nostril hairs

This charming lady
Has 3 to 5 paramours happening at the same time
buys her pretty things and supplies her with car rides
aint that cute but can always make her laugh
is so damn fine but she gotta act uninterested till he grovels and breaks
is broke but is the best at paying her compliments & if ever bored is always at her beck and call to entertain
And Five…
She actually cant remember his name
Because this charming lady
Is never satisfied
Because not one is just ‘right’
And honestly her list of requirements seem slight
Because all she really wants is someone to respect her, be her friend and support her, challenge her,
but not her authority,
help her excel in life, better her, guide her, be sensitive
but not too sensitive
because she needs a real man,
not a weak one,
did she mention fit as well?
I mean its important to be healthy, and good looking because in all honesty isnt attraction a main component in a relationship?
Gives attention
but not clingy,
but not boring,
goal driven,
meaning he better arrived at that goal already making some dough,
kind and generous and loving and humorous
somewhat domineering, hard to please, brooding, ferocious and passionate

All this charming lady is really searching for is a watered down version of her very own daddy
But she better do it before all her classmates graduate
So she can rub it in all their faces as she buys the best sheila
The best dress
The best tiyab
The best gold
The best koosha
The best henna design
the best fanan
the best first dance
And show all her killer moves in the sob7eya
And make sure that it gets leaked so that it could live in infamy in social media so she be initiated into the hall of fame of the best wedding in Sudanese history
The mark-bench to all these charming ladies wanting to get married
Her name being said in reverence slash envy
And not really caring who that dude clinging to her arm is so long as he plays his part of doting hubby

But when the fanfare ends
The zaghareet still
silence descends
She alone with this newly acquired ‘husband’
This charming
Charming lady
Realizes too late
That she’d committed herself to her biggest mistake