Marvel at Me

A wild child

Ever hesitant

lost in the guile of time

empowered yet restless

guilt ridden


confounded to offer you no solace


that is me

the one with the smile

cracked so many ways

that to

take some steps away

marvel at my faults

pine for this simulation

of a carefree

proud yet selfless

masqueraded representation

of … of.. a

broken winged aspiration


this is me

I offer

I am demandless

I give

I ask

… no

I seek permission

Till I end with nothing

Empty handed

Left with

Forlorn silence


I am me

…. me

not intuitive

not enlightened

not unique

but me

and I promise you this

Doubts are ever present

I cannot soothe this heart

this state of mind

this anxiety of

she is fleeting and flirtatious

plays over the days, months, years, generations

close but so hard to please

kindhearted but absentminded


pinned with our allegations


I have no remedy

But I lend you this

A Relentless hand

To steady these shaking knees

Flailing arms

Unsteady feet

Labored breath

Back on this solid ground

This is Me