N & S & W & E


The burden of youth she carries gracefully on those sun induced creases, wearing her misery like a trinket that chimes with the silenced voices of the forced exodus, her complexion a watery faded memory slumbering in the depths with these untried injustices await & wait & wait & wait


Mocked and oppressed he stands for resistance, a hue that causes disdain and fear is a pride that he dons, defines as a blessed reflection, the prejudice, the lack of commitment, investment, improvement he takes in stride as he stands and builds for hope & he hopes & hopes & hopes


High unfriendly walls they have built and each adding year they keep heightening this fear of us versus them, a vortex for draining the need for an awakening, willingly in their grips as these magicians bewitch with the thrill of glitzy obnoxious, modernized living, a dull identity they keep insisting, we keep wearing, and silly us bickering over who or what or when is rightfully to be called ‘asiad al balad’, skillfully tight lipped we observe & observe & observe


Envious she gathers what is left of her will to continue, endure steady abuses, pillages, craning her neck to admire the wingspan of those seasonal birds that come and leave to their liking, her countrymen still not quite convinced in the validity of her suffering, swaying her head to the moving cart, homes glowing embers, bidding farewell to all ingenuousness’s, she flees & flees & flees


This is a battle he would not regret, a stand, a revolt, a cry for representation, and no matter how small or irrelevant he would maintain this battle cry, let it ring and bounce from high mountain tops, to the dry even landscapes, across the diminishing blue, to the steps of this supposed government, and though he be a humble man, his shout is essential and true, done with weathering out these imposed troublesome times he is ready to fight & fight & fight

Yet I see, feel, taste, hear, Know something more

Something overwhelming

Worth defending

Worth finally giving into and using

Rouse up these deadened feelings

Pump and force blood to gush into these weakened valves

Gulp in your first burning breaths

Let it thrum through and enrich you



Rest your palm and feel the quiver

Your Dormant Heart is Calling Out