Inside Joke

Someone yelled at me today

“Your too young to understand it!”

throwing it as if an insult

a gauntlet

heavily laced resentment

and I laughed in his face

and said

I don’t deny it

infact I IN-Brace it

I exhale it

I breath it

L I V E it

A M it

A young warrior lost in this profoundly two-faced world where justice equals hopelessness and patience is a washed up verb that is more of a slur, a tall tale that we insist we cling onto as The Solution, that hidden magic ingredient, as this decaying façade cracks in all the right places and I sit back & observe the flighty Judas lay his kiss to your mighty Kingdom of Ruthless Creed, watch it infest and fall to peices


Two women sat chuckling today

as they lounged and exchanged

potent goods that poisoned

the movements of their lips

a blur

reaching a  breaking point where the wickedness of their words

can hardly keep up with the need to say them

on cue the grieving hostess walks in

instantly a mask of forged grief adorns their faces

their venomous speech pausing

as it is replaced in the murmuring of the holy Quran Text

weeping and moaning as they sway

truly remorseful for her loss

“Ina lilah we elayhy raji3oon”

they groan in unison

these two serpents

fangs hidden as they continue to dance

to a hypnotizing tune that the snake charmer chants


If you should speak of the suffering of their brothers





all our unsung heroes abandoned

the faucet of tears they had so easily displayed

is wrenched closed

putting on an air as they hold up their nose

“What do we have to do with these falata, these 3abeed? Its’ all but a show so that we should feed their greed.”

I say

“But of course you’d know an act when you see it, it takes an artist of sham to know one.”

I saw such beauty at the street hustlers corner today

his profession was not one of begging

but of a confident man not ashamed to




and the funny thing is

though he was at ease in what he’d become

those that passed him

brow wrinkled in distaste

shrinking away from his held out hand

in need of some show of grace

instead throw some loose change

were more uncomfortable than he

then the youth of the neighborhood came

strutting  with their pants well below their knees

a show of rebellion than a cause of fear


walkers avoid them as they clutched on  to their preconceived conclusions

but no bother

though society labeled them as The Lost Generation

underneath that roughened imposed exterior

eyes well aged from the misery witnessed

They are but a show of mercy

a last resort to heal this soul-eating sickness


I saw the world lose it’s faith today

looking at my reflection

it wasn’t the shadows under my eyes that troubled me

or the increasing frowning lines

but the loss of that glimmer

that shimmer

that glow that I once had

that awe at everything and anything

as the daily feed of

death has all but become ordinary

the breaking of promises by our leaders has all but become customary

my wonder has deserted me

but as I walk out and admire the unfolding scenes

the sagas, the tragedies, the legends

relived, retaught, re-ignored

I remember

To laugh

let it ring in every crook and corner

because Life

is nothing but an inside joke between Us and God

So Adam

relieve your burden for a while

lighten up on the doomsday complex

find the humor and ultimately the beauty

in Mankinds Madness