Do I lay a Kiss to the fine Princes lips?


A crash so profound

Reverberated across the ground

Tremor rides my back

Though he lay dormant on my lap

His skull grew heavier

taking shape within the folds of my gown


Was I not just making my way faintly

And I was so discreet

So discreet

the wild child weaving in and about

hiding so much and letting little out

melodious of melodies

he came falling

obliterating the roof above me

I should’ve ran and covered my eyes

but who could’ve told me the awry prince would lie here tonight?


A hush of a silence followed

creaking with a naivety of past tales told


have you brought me an angel or a demon this night?

A startling beauty he was

The sort of

let him be conscious to speak

& his beauty would multiply to the tenth fold

blinding you to compromise you

opening you only to torment you


Ya Allah!

Bless the arch of these brows

width of his eyelashes

shape of his nose

form of his cheeks

curves of his ears

sigh my

sweet nothings loaded with the most sincerest of fidelities

I breath in this beauty,

my sleeping Prince

so young in years but with the oldest of souls,

my sleeping King

carrying such scars when the battle had only just begun


my face closing the distance

my eyes are aligned with his pores

cascading emotions

A mouth that begs attention

yet there rings the question