Another Lesson Learned

First love is at its worst when it creeps

Sneaking and tangling its tentacles to my arteries


till it jolts me out of my solitary content into a


and I become your typical doe-eyed, struck between

the eyes sighing ‘Woe is me’

building a sky high of clichés of devotion and


like I’d found my flawed affection,

a better wounded half of me that perfected my


a soul far deeper than a mate,

more of a soul reflection,

a  half who

so enthralled yet never bothered to realize it was destined,

so I come to grips that even my patience has lost

its patience severing the connection


with a finality so dull at its edges am still left
cutting at a phantom affliction,

in vain I try to keep my eyelashes from fluttering


since having tattooed underneath my eyelids all the
could’ve beens


of finally


giving away my lips for that worthy imprint that’ll
make comets shoot out my toes and newborn stars streak through my hair,


our twisted limbs would grow roots so deep it’d
make the earths core weep at our satisfaction for one another


words like ‘You bewitched me body and soul’ we’d
make a daily prayer of for each other,


even after having grays in our hair we’d be so knee
deep in ardor, we’d revere the shadow of the other


yet the memory of him sinks like a rain soaked
cloak that am bound to wear


his memory roams with me as a yearning with an
aftertaste of despair


I awaken in a bed of cobwebs, a forgotten sleeping


I shake these old flowers petals off my jacket


Shove a cork through the gaping hole in my chest


Wipe my lips from a thick coating that was his name


Though this love had crept and taken me possession,
I’ve overcome this mild obsession

an enlightened sense of sadness settles,

a thin film forms over my eyes blurring loves presence,

honeyed words that once came easily are diluted and

said out of compassion,

and staring back at my reflection I thought I saw bitterness’s


when in fact therein my mirror was the lesson


I’d learned to recognize heartbreaks face