A Dance for my Beloved Part I & II


And it went like: dun – dun – tak


                            dun – dun – tak

                            taka- dun – dun – tak 

Blessing the ground at which I step

I confine your gaze

insisting for consent

that I dance

my Beloved

right here I will remain

So I begin with a : tak tak tak


                              tak tak tak 


I dance for my beloved

Steps setting my feet in a cyclone of the unknown



Questions of the here




no longer assailing

And then I : taka taka taka taka




                    de-tak taka dun

Sighing in ecstasy

I dwell in this agony

I twirl and watch my dress unfurl

picking  at the beat

as if

plucking fruits of sincerity at it’s ripest

fusing my fickle heart with confusion

of bittersweet could’ve beens

that now will never be…

finally I:  taka de-tak tak

               de-tak taka tak  

               dun dun

Dizzy with emotion

I let motion

Overtake this body in all its glory

move my hips


snap & twist

oblivious to the tears


gems that cannot compare

nor match those ladies diamonds they wear

I danced for my beloved



Wept at the nearing forlorn stillness

Yet I danced on the night of his wedding

not as his bride

but a Wild Child

ever indefinite

ever evading

ever tranquil

ever divine

I dance for you beloved

Part II
How I used to
Drum these fingertips
On the expanse of your back
The beat deriving every way which
I thought alas ‘this soul has met bliss’
the wild child reigns within
So I spin
And watch you dance
Lightheaded I smile as you smile
Recognize as I do
Lay to rest as I have
Bid our Farewell
I pay homage to your Bride
Step Back
Recognize the glint in your eye
Step Back
Forsake this moment I will not
I Step Back
And walk away a pure vessel of self reflection, passing by distress, bitterness and her close companion depression, so I give them a smile and choose not to avoid they’re gaze, instead stop and have a discussion, of the countless upcoming days where I will expand, outgrow, be me and All, without sorrow for happiness has chosen to take possession, steadfast I commit, make amends and…
Skirts settle
Heartbeat calms
feet cease
I Step Back
Exhale peace
and end this dance
for my Beloved