{Solitary Content}

You know those moments when you are in need… dire need of a listening ear? Like your mind wants to burst from the so many things that just pummel your five senses leaving you numb and theres no one there for you to unload to all the pain, frustrations, happiness, questions, wonderings, findings, contemplations… I used to keep a diary but found it rather dry and inadequate, I mean whats the point of writing out everything only to lock it up and hide it if it isnt shared? And I dont mean the ‘I have a crush on Bob’ or ‘I hate this person today’, just the profound feelings and thoughts that I as a human have each day, and while some are deep and others shallow, theyre just thoughts that no matter how I try to remember they slip away because theyre never recorded.

So this here is my solitary  content, where my angels and demons reside in one space, where I can let down my hair and speak in frankness without fear or judgment. Where I can just be… me. Where I can lay down this heavy atlas and stretch out my aching shoulders and crooked spine and stand and just… breath.

So I welcome myself and I welcome you, and I hope you leave with something, anything after reading my words.