I Love HER


Plastic bag


Stuck to that half dead


Snapping at the wind

A flag

A plea

To Surrender

To her

To her

I follow

The splashes of water

Leaking from that bucket

In need of mending

On her knees she scrubs thrice a day

yet I still follow

the track of spilled water

To her

To her

Grind my teeth


Sand pebbles

From the last dance

With that storm



Of her

All over my form

So strong

The musk

To her

To her

A hoot for Life

I yell

I scream

Sliding across the mud



Holding hands

We hop

The rhythm

Of drops

To her

To her

I am content


I am content


The warmth

In you

In me

Lifting up my face to the heavens, to what Gods will hear me out, to what songs I’ll sing and shout, to what pulse my feet will stomp, to what rhythms my hands will clap, on this beatened ground, old, wizened, I give myself, however flawed, however broken, however jaded, wherever I may have flown, fled, disappeared to, whenever I may finally wake up, get up… to rise, to preserve, to fight, to come back…

To her

To her