Pied Piper with his Cane

a picture perfect cover for our two-faced western brothers;
ink-stained fingers coupled with artificial smiles, and the world stands up and applauds while snickering to the side,
the shouts of ‘Darfur Darfur is burning’ to the heartbreaking ‘a genocide, a genocide is happening’ are all but muted because uncle sam just christened his very own tamed tyrant;
the reformed tyrant,
the wolf in a dry cleaned suit tyrant,
the dancing with the cane pied piper tyrant,
the better than the terrorist he’ll keep the shit in check tyrant,
and we the natives got rained with a legitimizing party:
legitimizing the pain
legitimizing the lies
legitimizing a twenty year history of untold suffering that now we gotta keep behind closed eyes
legitimizing all that is criminal for that bit of ‘better a devil you know’ because am just too cowardly and too comfortable to give a rats ass about anyone but me, am too skilled at the art of saying without doing anything
legitimizing a heartlessness, so less of a heart, a rotting corpse holds more feeling
legitimizing a sorrow so deep,
a hallow in my chest continues to widen
with a sorrow so deep
a sorrow so deep
tinted with an anger that is rising,
my pores are sweating discontent,
defiance in the sheen of my sweat
so deep, so deep
this anger swells to a crescendo that consumes and keeps consuming,
excuses wrapped in sordid intentions you keep using
we say enough! you cry traitors soaked in disloyalty
rather no width, nor breadth, nor height can rationalize our loyalty
dare you sway me with a farce of a better day,
dare you tell me to look the other way,
dare you belittle my torture and paint it with a tinted rosy scenery ,
dare you turn on me and call me a road-block to unity,
so deep, so deep
better you listen to what I have to say,
listen to what I have to roar,
feel as it echoes in pain